We are Mexico's Drug Problem

BY Don Winslow | July 20, 2012

Mexico's drug problem isn't.
Mexico's drug problem, that is.
It's America's drug problem.
And our looking at it backwards is a huge part of the problem itself.
We sit and blame Mexico for smuggling drugs across our border as if we were innocent in all this. As if the evil (and they are) Mexican drug cartels are forcing Americans at gunpoint to consume illicit drugs. Read more

The Worst Bad Solution

BY DON WINSLOW | July 6, 2012

To some problems there are no good solutions, only less-bad solutions.
The so-called "War on Drugs" is the worst bad solution.
I say the "so-called 'War on Drugs'" because, of course, there is no war on the substances that are by far the biggest killers: tobacco and alcohol. Addiction to legal opiate-based prescription pills is rapidly becoming America's worst drug problem. Read more


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