The King of Cool, Don Winslow

BY Nick Schou | July 12, 2012

Fuck Taco Bell.
This is what Don Winslow is probably thinking as he stands in line at the Taco Bell at 699 S. Coast Hwy. in Laguna Beach. It's a Tuesday morning in late June, and there's a photographer nearby snapping pictures of Winslow. The fat guy working the cash register is giving him the stink-eye, and the restaurant manager is waving his arms in the air.
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Savages Author Don Winslow on Getting Confused for a Porn Writer and Working With Oliver Stone

BY Jennifer Vineyard | July 10, 2012

There's more to the story than Oliver Stone's new movie Savages could tackle. With almost any film adaptation of a book, there's tons of plot that is shuffled off to the side. In this case, though, author Don Winslow thought ahead and provided a prequel in advance of the film's release. The Kings of Cool provides the backstory of Laguna Beach, California, drug dealers Ben and Chon, their mutual girlfriend O, the Baja Cartel, and a two-faced DEA agent — as well as a whole host of other characters, some of whom were intended for the film (Uma Thurman's Real Housewife of Orange County wannabe Paqu, for instance), and some who never made the grade. Read more

In Sleazy Era, Writer Found His Subjects

BY Charles McGrath | The New York Times | June 24, 2012

Don Winslow, whose book “The Kings of Cool” just came out, is a rarity among writers of crime fiction: He doesn’t just make it up. For years he was a private investigator, and he used to read writers like Chandler, Hammett and Elmore Leonard while sitting in his car on stakeouts. Eventually he worked his way up to high-profile arson cases in California (the background for his 1999 novel “California Fire and Life”), but he got his start in Times Square in the late ’70s, when, he likes to say, “the whole place was a glittering river of theft.” Read more


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